How to Become a Straight A Student

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In this video I cover a summary of the book How to become a straight A student. Many students don’t think of true optimal ways of how to get better grades. This book focused more on unique ways to study in order to maximize your time and efficiency. The author did not focus on students who simply studied longer hours to achieve high grades. These aren’t exactly study hacks, but just proven study techniques of straight A students.

High scoring students often participated in “deep work” where they worked with no distractions but for shorter periods of time. Your brain can only handle so much focus at once, so it’s important to take breaks.

You should keep a calendar handy for time management purposes. It’s important to keep track of what needs to be done on a given day so you don’t waste mental energy worrying about remembering everything.

Note that even top students couldn’t beat the urge to procrastinate, however, they were able to manage that feeling. In the video I discuss 5 ways to manage that feeling of procrastination including…

1) Keep a work progress journal
2) Give Yourself Energy
3) Make Studying an Event
4) Build a Routine
5) Choose your Hard Days

Lastly make sure when taking exams to plan out your time for each problem and work from easiest to hardest. If you don’t know something during a test, skip it and move on.

Some things mentioned may seem difficult to adopt as a habit but if you give it a few weeks it will become second nature and you should see your grades start to improve and even your free time go up.

Remember if you want to get better grades it’s not just a matter of having more time, it’s about managing your time well, organization, and mimicking those who are successful. If you make a habit of proven study tips, you’ll see how you can get straight A’s in school.


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