How to Memorize Chinese Characters

Ever experienced difficulties in learning Chinese characters? Would you like to memorize them faster and become more efficient at your language studies? Then definitely watch this video about improving your memory by using the most effective tip: Memory Palaces!

In this video, we’re going to take a down-to-earth example: family members in Mandarin Chinese. To be more precise: 爷爷 (father’s father). By using the ultimate memory technique called Memory Palaces (or Method of Loci), we are able to visualize the character in an extremely vivid manner and “place” it into a real location, hence ensuring that we don’t forget the character. I’ve used this technique for hundreds of characters, and with the right associations, it works like a Swiss clock.

Note: I’ve started learning Mandarin recently myself, so I am by no means a Chinese speaker. Yet I am willing to develop with you guys, and I hope that this method will prove very useful (it did with every other language I’ve learnt).

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